About Us

         To build world-class real estate projects with the highest standards of Professionalism, Quality, Ethics and Customer Service. MRV Builders strength has been its investment in talent and quality.

Our most valuable support are our clients, who trust our innovation and values for all their construction needs, which we excel to accomplish and deliver on time, everytime

We design and construct flats with utmost care. Design excellence, attention to each and every aspect in construction, stringent quality norms and high commitment levels

Timely Completion

Courtesy to our past experience of completion of large magnitude turnkey projects, all our developments are completed within the stipulated time limits thus preventing our customers of any sort of inconvenience.

Information about Technical Personal
Name of the Labours Type
Site Managers 1 No.
Project Engineers 7 No.
Site Engineers 12 No.
Store Keepers 2 No.
Office Manager 1 No.
Office Staff 3 No.
Draughting Staff 1 No.
Security Staff 1 No.
Information about Technical Machinary
Name of the Machinary Quantity
Shuttering 30,000 Sqft
Mixing Machine 8 No.
Vibrator 12 No.
Needil 40mm 25 No.
Steel cutting & Bending Machine 17 No.
Marble Cutting Machine 12 No.
Wood Cutting Machine 20 No.
Wood Plaining Machine 1 No.
Construction Lift 4 No.
Information about Labour strength
Labour Type Strength
Civil masons 70 No.
Civil Helpers 65 No.
Shuttering Masons 60 No.
Shuttering Helpers 25 No.
Steel cutting & Bending Machine 50 No.
Bar Bending(Steel) 30 No.
E.W. Labours 15 No.
Carpenters 12 No.
Painters 15 No.
Tile Masons 8 No.
Tile Helpers 10 No.
Electrical Workers 5 No.
Plumbers 8 No.
Plumbing Helpers 4 No.
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OnGoing Projects

Area 2200sqft

Commerical Building kesavadasapuram

Client: Balu Nair

Pakistani mukku, Trivandrum
Area 1200sqft,Architec:Er.R.S.Ravi kumar

CBSC School Venjaramoodu

Client: Muslim jamath

Area 1200sqft, Architec:Er.Dharmaraj

T.K.Divakaran Smarakam

Client: RSP Party

Area 13500sqft, Architec:Er.P.J.Peter

St.Mary's Church

Client: Parish priest

Completed Projects

Latin Arch Diocise of Trivandrum
Area 21600sqft, Archited:Er.Beddison

St.Peters Chruch,Kannanthura

Client: Parish priest

Neyattinkara, Trivandrum
Area 26400sqft, Architec:Er.Beddison

St.Terasas CBSC School

Client: Mathor Superior

Rev.Fr.Joseph Prasad(Parish priest)
Area 14300sqft, Architec:Er.Beddison

St.Thomas Chruch,Thoothoor

Client: Parish priest

Area 850sqft(G+2), Architec:Fr.Dus

St.Anne's Chruch,Thoope

Client: Parish priest

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